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This is my first. I stripped and redressed this baby a few times. A little of my OCD was kicking in. When my daughter was little and and changed her colorful clothes umpteem times a day; we called her 'Punky Brewster'; I hope you find my blogs just as animated and evocative as those sweet memories I hold.

I didn't grow up with computers. I guess blogs, at least personal ones, are like open diaries. This is difficult for me; my diaries had locks and keys. Places where I kept secrets. Being more of a private person, it's scary for me to share; it makes me feel 'Naked'. I'm learning though that it's okay to be vulnerable and open.

I live on a beautiful peninsula known as Cape Cod with my husband Bob. I have two grown children who live nearby, and I am a grandmother to two beautiful dogs named Rosie and Angel. Living on the Cape most of my life, I've come to appreciate its white sandy beaches, its winding country roads and its beautiful trees and flowers. Places where I walk to reflect and the find the quiet I need to think about what's next for a song or book.

There is another Donna Lynch from Maryland who is also an author. However, she is a blonde and much younger. Our work sometimes intertwines on various sites. I read that she is a poet and musician too. I am a songwriter, but I can't classify myself as a musician; I don't sing or perform. I do love music though, all kinds of genres as long as it stirs emotion in me. (I like my books to do the same.) I am enjoying writing these songs with the help of my musician friends and producers. It's been fun and so much easier than writing a novel. Books can take years, getting them to be where they need to be. They are definitely a challenge, but I like challenges.

Writing has always been a passion of mine. Growing up I wanted to be an elementary teacher. Circumstances prevented that from happening, so I ended up working in a bank for ten years. Then after having my son, I found a position in a real estate office as a secretary and got my license. Couple of years after my daughter was born, I linked with an insurance agency until I was laid off, and simultaneously received a shoulder injury and that's when I began my first novel, 'No Regrets: The Forgiving Heart of Alyson Porteus'.

I prefer my stories character driven versus plot driven. I want my main characters to learn and grow from whatever situation or place they are in the beginning of the story. My books and songs do and will incorporate varied relationships and love; I feel this is truly what humanity is all about. I try to keep my chapters short and make them riveting page turners.

If you got this far reading my blog, I applaud you! I will write each Wednesday, letting you what I've been up to. Please join my mailing list, leaving your email contact.

Warm Regards,


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Donna Lynch


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