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People who are Not writers think writers have all the time in the world. ""You're home - You're not doing anything, can you meet me? Can we talk? Do you want to go to lunch?"' "No. No. No!" Granted I'm not bringing in a pay check every week, still I am working and I need to be productive! Interruptions can be a nuisance. If you can, put your phone on silence and hibernate.

Retirees assume they'll have plenty of time for their writing when so many will tell you--they're busier now than ever--with their gardens and grandchildren, socializing and more. This is all true, but ultimately if you love your art, your craft, it will take precedence over anything else.

In our hectic world, it's hard to find the time to sit for hours and write. I feel a guilt when I don't write. I also feel guilty if I don't get the household chores done. In essence, though, nobody really cares because nobody is coming to visit. I'm struggling presently as we deal with contractors each day during the process of building a new house in Maine. I have been focusing on paint colors running from one light to another light to get a vision in my mind's eye what it would look like on the walls, even when I hear that little voice say, 'Get writing.'

Discipline, discipline, discipline Donna!

I need to listen more to what I preach. I'm great at telling others who are interested in writing a novel how to discipline themselves. '"Remember all you need to do is write one page a day." In a year you will have finished a book." Set aside time to write in just 10-minute increments. It's easier than thinking of the whole picture/book. A few paragraphs a day will equal a full page. In this way you won't get overwhelmed and feel like a failure.

I get upset with myself when I don't get to the computer; my mind is focusing on something that takes priority. Or, at least, I think it's a priority. Please find a place in your house or even maybe a spot in nature --where ever works best for you. Just show up daily and sit quietly in front of the screen or your typewriter and let your creative mind flow. The more you discipline yourself, though, your writing will get better and you become more confident which will lead to success.

Happy writing.


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Donna Lynch


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