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This is a true story.

My husband and I had planted a cherry tree in the front yard when we first moved in our house. For over twenty years, I watched the tree grow and bloom, becoming lovelier every season. Each dawn, birds, especially cardinals, graciously park on its limbs, singing cheerfully.

One day while looking out the balcony window admiring the tree's beauty, I suddenly wished I had an apple tree, too. Two of my favorites. Not only did I love their beautiful blossoms and the fruit they bear, but their sweet fragrances brought back pleasant childhood memories, remembering the good times I had at my aunt's house during springtime. However, that notion of wanting an apple tree was not achievable in the little acreage we had and not sure I'd be here on earth in the time it would take to mature.

During a winter storm, the cherry tree was severely damaged and appeared lifeless as it drooped. Our landscaper tried his best to help restore its stature, but he felt there was little hope. I was heartbroken; I loved this tree. I prayed and hugged its trunk. Miraculously, after several months, the tree fully recovered.

A year or so later, I was walking across my yard to the mailbox on the opposite side of the road when I stopped short; I saw an apple on the grass. I thought, darn, one of those kids waiting for the school bus must have chucked it this way. I bent down to pick it up and while rising I looked up. I blinked and blinked again. Not believing what I was seeing. Apples, a lot of them, dangled from the branches.

For a moment, I thought I was dreaming. How can this be? How can my cherry tree suddenly produce apples? But I was actually looking at not just my cherry tree but an apple tree that had merged with it somehow.

How can it convert this way?

Why am I questioning what I wished for?

A landscaper might have a logical explanation for why this transformation/metamorphosis took place. However, I'm certain now when You strongly desire something, anything is possible. Wishes and dreams do come true.

So, always believe my friends.

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Donna Lynch


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