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Writer's Block

First and foremost, I hope everybody's week has gone well.

This image above reflects how I feel lately. Fed up with non-creativity. I need to let that part of the mind percolate slowly. When I am unproductive, I feel useless. I get frustrated when nothing I write seems right! I had been in the editing stages for so many years that I forgot how hard it is to put a story together.

Weeks pass and, still, I find more lame excuses for not writing: the basement room where I write is too cold, I immerse myself in laundry, dishes, vacuuming etc. Then the interruptions: phone calls, texts, emails, the dog's crying, someone's knocking at the front door.

Finally, I sit in front of the computer because I know that's what you're supposed to do -- just show up- and write! Doesn't matter what it looks like. It does to me, says this little voice. I know there will be numerous drafts before I even send out the story for professional editing. One woman told me to pretend I'm writing in a journal. I need to let go and let my fingers flow across the keypad. So, I relented and I wrote 78 pages! Already, though, I have been tearing them apart. A good story is not good enough; there's plenty of those out there.

'Dueling Voices' from the Writer's Digest

There are two voices in your head competing for supremacy. One, your internal editor, is determined to help you improve your work and productivity; the other your internal critic is determined to impede your progress and weaken your resolve. Your internal editor is astute and supportive. Your internal critic is denigrating and destructive.

How well I know the psychology of all this, but it's not helping much.

For all you new writers out there, discipline is the initial step. It's crucial.

2.) Shut off your phone or place it on airplane mode.

Find a place to hibernate unless you're one of those people who can multi-task. My own mind wants to multi-task but it has no idea how to do that. So, I have to stay focused on one thing at a time.

There is usually one or more of these reasons writers procrastinate, 1) fear of failure 2) fear of success 3) perfectionism.

I think I have all three but perfectionism is on top right now. I can never get the editor out of me, even though I'm not considered a professional editor. I have to remind myself - this is what I do - this is what I love. Perfectionism is not a choice, it's part of who I am. Like it or not.

Yes, I'm venting and it feels terrific!

Thanks for hearing me out Folks.

Have a great week!


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Donna Lynch


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